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Casey: A writer of blogs, a coffee farmer, a radio operator, musician, aficionado of film, humor, politics, and science fiction. This blog, this one here, is really a blog about nothing, something, everything. It's what I like to call my Junk Drawer Blog, the one that collects all that odd stuff that you really should just throw away, but you can't bear to do it. 

Please don't miss my other two blogs, which are a bit more focused, A Dull Roar and Cloud Warmer.  I also occasionally make guests blogs for others.

Disclaimer: This blog may (but probably doesn't) generate income from advertisements. At the least it does accept ads and links to products for which I may (but probably don't) earn a little dough. I hope you understand. 

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  1. hmm it seems you are well accomplished man. nice to know that you also like to blog.

    happy blogging Sir!

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