How To Get More Twitter Retweets Using A Traffic Exchange

Nutch robots
Google Bots Looking for TE Traffic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Oops (Oh My)Traffic exchanges, for the weak-minded, right? No self-respecting blogger is going to build lasting traffic that way, and besides you are in danger of running afoul of search engines that can detect their use. I make one exception to that general principle, however. As long as it's not overdone, they can be useful as one tool for the person just starting out to build their web presence. 

Well, I make one more exception to the rule. Using an extra level or indirection in the process makes it all legit, morally and according to Google Law. This is my opinion, of course, but see what you think.

I'm sure there are lots of other sites to which this method applies, but head over to (no referral credit here for me, just like them), sign in with your Twitter account and check out the Retweets section. You make your tweet right there, and they do the rest. They will tweet it on your behalf and then put up your tweet on their board with as many points as you want to pay (between 5 and 50).  In a previous version of this post, I recommended AddMeFast, but Traffup's interface for retweets and getting points is way, way easier to use.
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Retweets Multiply Your Message

So, why are retweets better than straight traffic exchange? For two reasons:
  1. The person retweeting you is not doing it blindly. They see your tweet and decide if it's worthy to put out on their Twitter account. They put a little skin in the game and that carries more weight with their followers. 
  2. The person who clicks on the URL in your re-tweeted tweet, which is your ultimate goal in all this, is not at a traffic exchange themself. They are in twitter with their own account. When they follow your link, the link host doesn't see a traffic exchange, but instead a real person coming in. You won't get dinged by a SE or the link host.
Unrelated to retweeting, I have to say that Traffup is also a great place to get web views and new Twitter followers or to follow others. When following others, I look for a good followers ratio and only click on those. That way, I get the points, but it's also a good bet that I get a new follower, too.


  1. Thanks casey i have been looking for a way to add a new dimension to my tweets

  2. This is interesting and you have a nice looking blog here. I joined your google friends connect site.

    1. Thanks Susana! Joined your GFC for your blog as well. You might look into Networked Blogs and getting a G+ profile, too. Both good ways to help readers find you. Cheers! - Casey


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