BlueStack's New GamePop Console Versus Intel's Arrogance

Diagram of BlueStack GamePop Console virtual app
BlueStacks New Game Pop Console is Free!
Recently, I was reading an investing article from an ex-Intel employee who has been drinking their Kool-Aid for about 30 years. Same old story for a tired old stock: Intel's next generation will blow the doors off the competition and grab acres of market share from the current manufacturers' of CPUs for Android tablets, iPads, etc., etc. "You just wait!" he said. The part that really made me gag was his arrogance to call the newest generation of mobile tablets, etc., "toys."

You see, Intel couldn't innovate their way out of a paper bag, except in regard to their one, not to be underestimated, prowess: Manufacturing. Yeah, they can work that wafer yield until chips are literally bulging the warehouse doors. That doesn't mean they can sell them, however, to the extent that they actually improve their stock price, which has been languising in the 20s (and below) for years on end. To their credit, the stock broke through the 150-day SMA a month or so ago, but I think that's more hope-based than anything.

Anyway, what got me started on that rant?

A little post somewhere about BlueStacks' GamePop, which is a pretty cool idea and is sure to give more sell-juice to Android devices. GamePop is their own console, but the idea is applicable to consoles of any brand. What it does is allow you to play your Android games on PCs, TVs, whatever. It's virtual machine technology that lets you run games designed for iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads.

iPhone or iPad developers submit their app to GamePop and the company automatically modifies it to work on the Android-based console. At the heart of it, is their proprietary technology named Looking Glass.

BlueStacks is already taking pre-orders for the console. But get this! Instead of paying for the device, GamePop will give you the console for free if you take a $6.99 per month subscription that gives you unlimited access to its full library of Android and iOS games. Cool!

This is just the kind of innovation that eludes the likes of Intel. They've tried so many times to make consumer-level goods or get into mobile devices. Generally, they have failed, wasting billions of dollars of stock investors' money without blinking an eye. They just don't have that creative, forward-looking juice that, say, Apple does. They never will.

It's just not part of the culture of a company created by conservative, manufacturing types. That's why, internally, they refer to the job base closest to the manufacturing of chips as the "creosote bush." Around the base of that bush, nothing else can grow. That leaves the closest thing they have to real, future-based research out in the cold.

Their application researchers simply don't have the full support of the core that would give them the confidence to take the risks necessary in order to engage in true innovation.

It's also why, for example, Windows users are stuck with the same old, exhausted re-tweaks of Office products that go nowhere fast, instead of being able to create outside the box making new "spreadsheets" such as Grid.
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  1. I would definately try this console.. it seems different spin then sony/xbox. Also love blustack for making apps work for PC.

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