Someone You Know Going to the Hospital Soon? Avoid Them Getting an IV Blood Infection!

Red blood cells on an agar plate are used to d...
Red blood cells on an agar plate are used to diagnose infection. The plate on the left shows a positive staphylococcus infection. The plate on the right shows a positive streptococcus infection and with the halo effect shows specifically a beta-hemolytic group A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Folks, this is important. If you or a family member is anticipating a hospital visit soon that will involve I.V. treatment (most visits do), then you need to be aware of some new technology that can prevent a lot of expense and heartache. Make sure the hospital is using newer twist-on disinfection caps for luer ports exclusively.

Many hospitals still use what's called the "scrub-the-hub" method of disinfecting IV ports, which has several deficiencies, and can lead to blood-borne infections called CRBSIs. Hospitals are rife with highly antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which makes these infections all the worse. Such an infection increases the patient's risk of dying and, on average, means the patient stays in the hospital another month longer. To treat such an infection typically adds to the bill over 40,000 bucks!

Also, Medicaid and Medicare won't pay for such an infection, since they know that they are 100% preventable if the newer twist-on technology is used. So, play it smart and make sure the hospital you or your loved one is being admitted to uses this new life-saving technology.


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