Monday, February 4, 2013

Got An Old Worthless PC? Turn It Into A Food Dehydrator!

solar food dryer components
The test bed for all the components
This kind of project is of a genre that I refer to as "hillbilly geek". Grab whatever is around, the more absolute junk the better, and go for it. First rule is that you absolutely must employ the Handyman's Secret Weapon, duct tape. Even if you don't really need it.

You can find the blow-by-blow description of this project on my Hubpages site if you really want to tackle this one. It is both solar passive and active.

You don't need such a big solar panel as pictured here. Anything that can put out a couple of watts will turn the PC fan that circulates the warm air. One of those solar chargers for topping off your car battery would be just fine.

Duct Tape Girl
Duct Tape Girl (Photo credit: Newki)
Neither does the SLA battery have to be so big.  Of course, you wouldn't even have to use PC cases, but since they were around and I'm lousy at working with sheet metal, they sure came in handy.

In about the same time as our electric food dryer that sucks up 400W, I was able to dry enough tomatoes in this baby to make a homemade pizza sauce.

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  1. My PC sucks! It might be a food dehydrator yet. That is a good idea for up-cycling project. You could dehydrate food before it goes bad.

    That alone would save you money and you will always be prepared for a hurricane.


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