Japanese Knickers!

Yes, the Japanese, those cool folks born with an innovation bone buried deep in their brain (right next to their crazy bone!), are at it again. You gotta hand it to them, they keep on surprising us, those ultimate trend-setters! Will they go for blouses like these soon?

Lately with Maid Cafes, and now this:

another fake see-through skirt in japan
Seriously, you can't make this stuff up! How long will it be before men are wearing a male version of these (shudder)? And how long before they start wearing real see-through skirts or pants or blouses, because they think no one can tell the difference?

Because, these are not actual see-through skirts (or are they?). The material is printed this way for the effect. If you're a Japanese boy, ... boy could you get the wrong message from these or what?

 Finally, how long until you start seeing these at Wal-Mart? :)

fake see-through skirtjapanese see-through skirts


  1. I couldn't help but laugh at this, very funny!

  2. I couldn't help but laugh at this, very funny!

  3. Wow! fashion never cease's to amaze. Good post!

  4. hahaha it's very funny Casey..
    i like it..
    where you got them..
    you're very creative ...
    nice article...

  5. I love them. Do they make them for men. I think they're super cool!

  6. You would catch be dead wearing those! Not the skirt the panties! Ha Ha made ya laugh!

  7. But what isn't very funny at all is how this is culturally accepted in Japan and / or Europe, but if a woman wore them in the U.S. she would probably get arrested, or at the very least harassed by the police and / or public at large.
    It is time for the U.S. to catch up with the rest of the world, and to pull its' head out of its' own ass of self righteousness.

    1. In the Western world, the U.S. has always lagged behind the rest when it comes to anything sexual, or so it seems anyway. Must've be a result of all the religious fanatics that first settled the continent.


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