5 Reasons You Should Masturbate ... Or Not

A recent article in the Times of India caught my eye, entitled "5 Reasons You Need to Masturbate."

The first thing I thought of when I saw the title, before I read the article, was "I need a reason?" (grin).  Well, the article itself was actually a snooze. Must have been written by a penny a word content writer I figure.

It certainly was not a total waste of a mouse click however. For below the short knock-off article was a treasure trove of totally entertaining, hilarious comments.  Below are some excerpts from the 579(!) comments along with  [my editorial comments/snarks between the square brackets]:

"... It should not mislead the younger generation and spoil their future, if they take this article for granted and go ahead with it. Almost every youth tries it a few times, but this bit of information should not encourage them. ..."  [A few times?? And then what, it's passé?]
"...ever heard about TMS? Traumatic Masturbation syndrome... they say…

How To Get More Twitter Retweets Using A Traffic Exchange

Google Bots Looking for TE Traffic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Traffic exchanges, for the weak-minded, right? No self-respecting blogger is going to build lasting traffic that way, and besides you are in danger of running afoul of search engines that can detect their use. I make one exception to that general principle, however. As long as it's not overdone, they can be useful as one tool for the person just starting out to build their web presence. 
Well, I make one more exception to the rule. Using an extra level or indirection in the process makes it all legit, morally and according to Google Law. This is my opinion, of course, but see what you think.

How (and How Not) to Make a Do-It-Yourself Solar Food Dryer from an Old PC

Solar Food Dryer DesignsA "quick and dirty" way to make a solar food dryer is to build a screen tray into a box and top the box with a piece of metal roofing painted black. Tilt the box slightly to increase airflow and you're done. Another design often seen is a set of shelves for the food racks with the frame covered by clear panels, such as polycarbonate roofing, which is resistant to UV damage.
The project detailed here takes an unconventional (some might say geeky!) approach. Though the first prototype was a failure, a quick modification created a working food dryer. This dryer is both solar active and passive. That is, it generates heat passively, but uses solar generated electricity to circulate the hot air, which improves its efficiency markedly. 

It's also a great way to recycle any old PC cases, which are easy to locate. Also, note that the food itself is not exposed directly to any damaging sun rays. Old PC case to be gutted.

Creating the Dryer Box This project…

Beware of Potential Health Hazards in DIY Projects

Home Renovation Dangers

Besides the material and labor costs of home renovation project, there are sometimes hidden costs to your health. 

Before your home renovation begins, take time to learn about some of these hidden dangers than can lead to serious life-threatening illnesses, whick include mesothelioma and other life-threatening cancers.  

Take the necessary precautions to prevent you or your family members from becoming sick.

Graphic courtesy of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Especially, older homes contain materials that were manufactured before the federal government began to regulate the use of dangerous chemicals. Some of these chemicals include asbestos, lead paint, and pesticides.  All of these chemicals are extremely dangerous.  

Asbestos can lead to mesothelioma or lung cancer. Lead paint can lead to neuroligical damage and serious lung problems. Pesticides have a number of seriously debilitating effects if they are ingested, inhaled or come in contact with skin.

When Your C: Drive Sends Out an SOS Respond with Spinrite

First, and with good reason, you may suspect your computer has been infected with a virus that is chewing up all your CPU cycles. The PC is crawling, apps take 2 minutes to open, even booting up is significantly slower, and it all seemed to happen overnight. That's exactly what happened to one of my desktop machines this last week. I checked for virii first, even doing a boot-time scan, but that didn't turn up much significant. Next suspect was my OS drive, usually C: in Windows.

Rather than use the meager built-in disk checker under Properties in the right-click menu, I used a tool I have found invaluable, namely Spinrite Hard Disk Diagnostics. I have version 5.0 with which I have no complaints, but I see there is a v. 6.0 out now. Don't let its seemingly clunky looking interface fool you, for therein lies its strength. It is a bootable DOS program and it is just what the doctor ordered for any ailing hard drive you have. Put it on a bootable CD, insert in your PC's CD…

Someone You Know Going to the Hospital Soon? Avoid Them Getting an IV Blood Infection!

Red blood cells on an agar plate are used to diagnose infection. The plate on the left shows a positive staphylococcus infection. The plate on the right shows a positive streptococcus infection and with the halo effect shows specifically a beta-hemolytic group A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Folks, this is important. If you or a family member is anticipating a hospital visit soon that will involve I.V. treatment (most visits do), then you need to be aware of some new technology that can prevent a lot of expense and heartache. Make sure the hospital is using newer twist-on disinfection caps for luer ports exclusively.

Many hospitals still use what's called the "scrub-the-hub" method of disinfecting IV ports, which has several deficiencies, and can lead to blood-borne infections called CRBSIs. Hospitals are rife with highly antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which makes these infections all the worse. Such an infection increases the patient's risk of dying and, on average, me…

There's a Pale Moon Risin' or Why and How I Ditched Firefox

Firefox many versions ago finally overtook Internet Explorer in a way many anticipated but none of us wanted. It became bloatware: slower response time, chewing up memory like my dog ripping into a T-bone steak. We could all still live with that as it was just a plain better, more flexible browser than IE or other offerings such as Opera or Safari (for PC users anyway).

Then came along the Australis UI.

Actually, it didn't just come along, it was rammed down our throats.  Fortunately, we don't have to take it lying down.